World Tango Campus


WORLD TANGO CAMPUS Intrigued by Argentine tango? You are taking classes? You feel connected with your dance partner? And you want to know more about this dance, its music, its world wide community? Most welcome to World Tango Society Campus. Discover us. Get inspired. And join.

With this group we specifically address ourselves to the tango lovers connected with the universities all over the world. Students and non-students alike (staff, members, people related to the university). Professionals and non-professionals. Especially we strive to include young people in our ‘family’, to make tango for them more appealing, approachable and affordable. Therefor once a year we want to provide opportunities to the University communities to introduce, to get acquainted, to learn and improve Argentine tango among its members. A great way for all to meet, to ‘embrace’ each other. Come, join and share our fun and friendly circle.


World Tango Society
We are a global community that promotes Argentine culture and dance. It’s our aim to make Tango more attractive, to be different and … bring everyone together. ALL styles, ALL levels, ALL nationalities – Be part of it!