When we call – cambio! – we change partners on the floor!

It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s sociable and above all adventurous!
Maybe you encountered it already on a milonga in a ‘Tanda Rosa’, ‘Tanda bon bon’, … It basically comes down to changing partners during a tanda, having new experiences and discovering other talents.

No, our aim is not to stuff our tangueri with candy nor to overwhelm them with roses, we just want to spice things up! We therefore introduce a new variation : Tanda Aventura!
Picture it: 1 tanda, 4 different dance partners in 13 minutes and all the fun that comes with it! After all we want you to have the time of your life at the Tango Beach Festival!

How does it work?
Halfway each milonga, we will announce the Tanda Aventura. Then, everybody gets on the dance floor, especially those who hardly danced. After each song, you change dance partner. The gentlemen remain on the floor and the ladies find their next dance partner.

Let’s shake things up! For once, let’s do things differently and allow yourself to be surprised and experience a funny and sometimes hilarious intermezzo.
Each milonga will have one Tanda Aventura. As the Festival counts at least 12 salons, you get at least 12 opportunities to join in and meet new tangueri.

Tanda Aventura will be applied in the Tango de Salon (traditional) as well as in the Neo Tango, indoor and outdoor.
After all, we want you to have the time of your life at the Tango Beach Festival!

World Tango Society

Leth the magic begin …

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