The super-cool youth hostel Jorplace gives a 15% discount to all visitors to Tango Beach Festival / Marathon who stay overnight with them!
Not only that, you also get free breakfast!

Go to the booking page of Jorplace Beach Hostel Scheveningen and enter in the box of the promo code “JORTANGO”.

If you book with the promo code you will automatically receive the discount including free breakfast on your reservation costs.

Would you like to be in the same room with a group of friends? Then you can book as a group and the hostel knows that you belong together! If you are alone, no problem. Wonderful to know that there are other dancers staying here and who knows, you might make a tanda in the room.

With this discount you can reserve a room until the day of Tango Beach Festival, but don’t wait too long, because full = full of course.

See you at the Kurhaus fairy tale – Tango Beach Fetival / Marathon!


Jorplace Beach Hostel Scheveningen

Keizerstraat 296
2584 BN Scheveningen / Den Haag
Tel: 0703383270

How to reserve?
Go to the website and use the promo code “JORTANGO” when booking.

Jorplace Beach Hostel, ScheveningenThe ultimate beach vibe!
A unique place just 300 meters from the beautiful beach of Scheveningen. 

Jorplace is located in Keizerstraat, a pleasant street with many shops and nice places to eat and drink. 
Jorplace has more than 170 sleeping places spread over 25 rooms. From private rooms from two people to group rooms up to 18 people. With this wide range we always have a suitable place to sleep for everyone’s wishes. Each room has lockers and a sink.

Jorplace is known for the relaxed holiday atmosphere. For example, we have a very nice garden with lounge sofas and a fireplace where you can relax and have a bite to eat and a drink. The bar is of course always open! In addition, we organize legendary BBQs that you can enjoy for a small price. For a nice budget we can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Together with our local caterers we can come up with a suitable menu. It is also possible to rent our professional kitchen and prepare your own meals. You will never be bored in and around Jorplace. We rent out ongboards with which you can cruise on the boulevard of Scheveningen.

In Scheveningen there is a wide range of activities for young and old. For example, you can book a surf lesson at one of the many surf schools, participate in a robinson expedition or enjoy a leisurely supper on the water. Enjoy a walk through the dunes or the Scheveningen woods or a trip to the center of The Hague.
Jorplace is easily accessible by public transport from both stations in The Hague.

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