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Dj sets Tango Beach Festival 2019
Friday 30 August
20.00 – 01.00

Saturday 31 August
13.00 – 18.00

DJane Danusia
– a question of taste

Origin: Warsaw, Poland


Rank your favourite music style when playing:

Being a NeoTANGO Dj, I put stress on genuine tango music. So on the first place contemporary acoustic tangos, then electronic tangos and as the last resource all the other styles not directly rooted in tango. I value old traditional tangos as well, but I want to showcase contemporary tangos. They are soooo beautiful – pity they’re not widely known. Additionally I hope this way I can support musicians living, creating and playing for us nowadays ๐Ÿ˜Š

Are you dancing yourself?
I’ve been dancing all of my life, went through different dancing styles, searching for the one ideal for me. Each time after initial fascination, I’ve got bored with the limitations, fixed movement patterns, no place for individual style nor improvisation. I’ve changed and changed until a salsa colleague suggested: you must try Argentinian tango. That was it ! Bingo ! Argentinian tango – a dance with multiple faces, universal in its variety, different styles, different music combined together. The only rules are for technique and safety, necessary in a social dance, otherwise you’re free to dance as you love. I’m not bored anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰

Which year did you start to Dj?
My first DJ gig remembers the last century when Iโ€™d thrown a Sylvester party at my own place. The party was a success with lots of dancing ๐Ÿ˜„ My Tango DJing began in 2015

What was the trigger that made you start DJing?
Music and dance have always been my passion. I’ve been happy dancing tango and I wanted to be happy with music played on milongas as well. I had many ideas and plans how I could do it, what is important and what would constitute my DJ style and most important a lot of encouragement from other tango dancers. But I was too shy to give it a go. Finally one of my DJ colleagues pushed me into it by setting a fixed date when I should play my first DJ set. And that’s where the story begins… ๐Ÿ˜†

What is the main quality a DJ needs to have from your point of view?
It takes at least 3 necessary qualities to become a good NeoTango DJ which are all equally important.
๐Ÿ‘ Artistic musical soul to hear and understand the music when searching and choosing new tunes out of millions of contemporary tangos, electrotangos and alternative music.
๐Ÿ‘ Emotional intelligence to look through the dancersโ€™ needs, depending on the time of the day/night, the stage of milonga, the venue, what kind of event it is, amount of dancers, their dancing skills, preferences and expectations
๐Ÿ‘ Skills of a sound technician to achieve beautiful sound of the music. It involves using high quality music material and ability to adjust to different sound systems and spatial room conditions when playing in various places

About cortinas: how long, why and kind of music?
Cortinas are usually not used at neolongas, but sometimes I play cortinas on mixed milongas if this is the wish of the organizer. They’re always dynamic, sometimes also funny or surprising, about 30-45 sec.long and matching in the style to the character/theme of milonga

What is your playlist system? Always the same or do you adjust it; when and why?
Each time is different and exciting. My playlists have to fulfill several criteria which I set out for myself. It takes a lot of time to meet them all so I make an effort and prepare a preliminary playlist in advance basing on my knowledge about expected dancers, character of event, special occasions etc. It is the base which I adjust later live. This way I make time for other tasks on the evening such as constantly maintaining good sound quality, chatting with dancers coming to my DJ stand which is as well important for good evening energy and if possible for dancing which I love even more than DJing ๐Ÿ˜.

Somebody comes to the Dj booth and asks you to play a song. Your answer?
IIf I have the song in my musicotheque, Iโ€™m happy to fit it in the playlist with the matching tanda and correct playlist order

What would be your last song you played on a Tango Festival or Marathon?
If Iโ€™m the last DJ on the night, it would be one of numerous versions of La Cumparsita. If Iโ€™m not the last one, itโ€™s always one of beautiful polish tunes emphasizing my Slavic origin. In both cases the last song has to match with character of the playlist Iโ€™ve chosen for the night.

If you would have a free wish, which Festival or Marathon would you like to play at?
Iโ€™ve played at so many events, including marathon in Buenos Aires. Itโ€™s hard to wish anything more. However itโ€™s the good atmosphere and positive energy that counts, friendly people and open-minded dancers. This can happen anywhere and this is the event Iโ€™m more than happy to join ๐Ÿ˜„


Advanced DJane and excellent tango dancer, well-known in the European NeoTango community, played successfully at many festivals and marathons such as: Buenos Aires NeoTango Marathon, NeoTango Rave Bremen, International TangoBiatlon Munich, Bonner Tangofestival Bonn, NeoTango Marathon Toulouse and milongas/neolongs in Germany, Italy, England, Sweden and Poland.

Based in Poland, the country with 100-year tango history, she understands well the specific needs of tango dancers and requirements for enjoyable milonga-flow, taking care of changing moods and creating tango-thick atmosphere. Her emotional and vivid playlists are composed of colourful music from all over the world, combining contemporary tangos with electronic tangos and non-tango (alternative) tunes, always with polish music included.

Donโ€™t miss her sets, if you’re a Hi-Res fan. She puts enormous pressure on the highest possible sound quality, constantly maintained during the set – to please even the audiophile ears.
The beautiful polish tango in the link below always opens her DJ sessions as the showcase for her DJ style : contemporary but deeply tango-scented, interesting but good danceable, melancholic yet not depressing, dynamic yet not experimental, international but to the core Slavic

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DJane Danusia from Tanguerilla.Visual.Poetry. on Vimeo.

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