Betty de Vroe

Betty de Vroe  Biography

El Movimiento de Tango

This workshop consist an major part of the Tango.
It’s about;Attitude,  physically and mentally.
Balance, Basic and high heels.Breathing ,  in Traditional and Nuevo Tango.
Injury preventing movements.

For beginners and advanced Tango dancers

Betty de Vroe
Saturday 31 August
10.00 – 11.15
18.30 – 19.45

Sunday 1 September
18.30 – 19.45

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First degree Bachelor dance (jazz, modern).Independent Business Owner of Nucleo Center for Training & Events.Experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the dance,sports and yoga industrie. Skilled in Wealth retraits, Mindfulness, intuitive developement, N.L.p. Operations management, Coaching, Event management and team building.Beside danceinstructor she dances the argentina tango for 13 years.

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