Surprising Pop up event

Dreams can come true!

Ever imagined that you would experience your wedding dance in a fairy tale setting? Romantic music played in a gorgeous ballroom surrounded by hunderd of tango dancers swirling around you, the newly weds? Your fantasy can come true.

First you solemnly walk up the red carpet. Enjoy your grand entrée with your beloved one. Take an extensive foto shoot on the imposing stairs leading to the hall. Subsequently you move slowly into the monumental historical ‘courtyard’. Tanguero’s from all over the world will warmly welcome you and celebrate together with you your “special” dance.

In the magnificent dancehall of the Kurhaus in Scheveningen we organise on Saturday afternoon, the 29th of February 2020, a milonga. You can be the centre piece of attention. A unique experience for a unique couple.

This exceptional happening only occurs once a year. If you want to be the one experiencing this, contact us :

Let the magic begin …