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Roaring 20s dresscode

Get inspired! – Friday 28 februari 2020 dresscode Roaring twenties in Kurhaus, World Tango Congress.
Besides tango we will have also a room with lindy hop, salsa and swing!

Roaring Twenties theme party

In our opinion, the Roaring Twenties offer the ideal ingredients for an exciting and exuberant theme salon in Kurhaus during the second edition of the World Tango Congress.
This turbulent period resembles the present time in some respects.
For example, much development in the field of fashion, music, lifestyle and prosperity.
After a short recession in 1921 a period of “easy money” followed. Thereby life was celebrated exuberantly. In the cities, night clubs with casinos, jazz cafés and exciting speakeasies opened where illegal cocktails were sold.

We will also take good care of it during the congress. Three days in the luxury 5-star Kurhaus we enjoy ourselves to the fullest.


In ‘The roaring Twenties’ [1920-1929] all turbulences were moved to the sidelines of the political playgrounds. Most countries were able to stabilise themselves again. Finally people could once more enjoy life to the fullest. In VS this even took extravagant proportions. In Europe the roaring Twenties arrived in 1923. Often this period is also referred to as a borrowed time, meaning that this time of exploring the arts, humanities, freedom, and financial stability was atypical and would soon end.

This refreshed vision on life influenced among other things fashion. The corset was definitively buried. The skirts became shorter and shorter, even above the knee. It is the first time in history that the evening gown was as long as the daily dress.

Women’s silhouettes started to look more and more boyish : gone were the lush bosoms, abdomen and buttocks. Women even bound in their breasts to let them appear flatter.
Smoking was very popular. And ladies perfectly challenged men by using a cigarette pipe.

Inspired by this periode and the surroundings of the Kurhaus our gala Ball on Saturday Night will be themed as “The GoldenTwenties”. A mad decade of ‘overdrive’ in the nightlife scene. Flapper dresses, apparel in transparent or nude coloured textiles with glass pearls, silk fringes, long pearl necklaces, tulle hairbands, long scarfs,… for the ladies.
Men in colbertsuites when dressed up, in fashionable sportswear when casual : trousers with very wide legs and covers, sport socks, pullovers with V-neck, bow ties, shirts with horizontal hem, leather shoes with low heels, slit hat and cap.

Tanguera’s and tanguero’s dress yourself in a fabulous outfit for this mesmerising Grán Salon. Enter like vibrant energetic dancers up the red carpet. Feel like the Golden Twenties revived for one evening. This edition a photographer will honour your entree and take pictures of you, your (dance)partner, your group,… Remember anno 2020 will be ‘Golden’ and will be ‘roaring’ on the tango floor.

Let the magic begin …

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Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podesta – Nada
Aiva – he said
Charlo – sin lagrimas
Yasmin levy – una noche mas
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