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Red Ribbon Invitable

– (Fe)Male invitable leaders wearing a red ribbon

These ‘Invitable ‘ leaders are men and women wearing a red ribbon around their wrist whom you may verbally  invite for a dance: no need for a Cabeceo / Mirada!

We are continuously trying to improve our beloved Tango-scene ! How can we make it nicer, better, more fun? One phenomenon still annoys us : the wallflower. She is the cute tanguera: eager and lovely, but nonetheless she hardly dances or worse, not at all. She is caught in a difficult position as Buenos Aires doesn’t allow her to invite a leader straightforwardly. When finally a gentleman does appear and ‘sacrifices’ himself and invites her, once again the question arises when will she draw another winning ticket?
This asks for a solution : preferably an  elegant, discrete, casual, free and above all a human one. AND … we believe to have found it : You can ask them straightforwardly for a dance, a tanda, no cabeceo / mirada needed. The chance to be refused is slim. How cool is that? You can recognise these dancers by the red ribbon  around their wrist. Let’s honour these fantastic people who are selflessly committed to this idea.

This also applies for the following situations :
* when you usually have your thrills and jollies but didn’t succeed yet in getting invited by a dancer in particular (provided that he wears the red ribbon of course).
* when they play your most favourite song and you weren’t able to attract a leader.

How does it work?
If you support this initiative, ask our Crew at our information desk for your red ribbon. This ribbon is free of charge and can be worn by women and men. Those wearing  a red ribbon make  it clear that they can be verbally invited for a dance. We want you to have a good time so don’t wait until it’s too late! Feel free to speak to him or her.

Pay attention:
Obviously those leaders willing to support the idea are free to remove the red ribbon at any time  and also to put it back on. Our aim is that by doing so everyone feels free to experiment with our new idea without it ever becoming a burden.
When you notice  the leader is no longer wearing the red ribbon, you are supposed to invite via cabeceo / mirada. What applies today may be different tomorrow!

– No Taxi dancers
(Fe) Male invitable leaders are not taxi dancers.
They are social dancers who are happy to contribute  solving the undesirable phenomenon of wallflowers during salons enabling everyone to dance as much as possible.

– No obligation
(Fe) Male invitable leaders who have a red ribbon around their wrist still maintain the right to refuse an invitation. Hey, it’s a free world ;-)!

– Valid as soon as the ribbon is visible
Bear in mind that someone may support this initiative only for a certain time. When you notice  the leader is no longer wearing the red ribbon, you are supposed to invite via cabeceo / mirada.

– How do I get the ribbon?
You get this for free at the information desk or from our Crew during the festival.

– Also for ladies
Of course this also applies to ladies who lead; how beautiful in an international setting!
Ladies, but also gentlemen, who like to be led by a lady, you can finally invite her! – ONLY ONE TYPE OF RIBBON
To prevent confusion, only one type of ribbon will be released and this to prevent confusion.

Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podesta – Nada
Aiva – he said
Charlo – sin lagrimas
Yasmin levy – una noche mas
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