Male Invitable Dancers

Male Invitable Dancers

– Men wearing a red piece of string around their wrist, you may explicit invite for a dance; No need of a Cabeceo / Mirada!

Continuously we are trying to improve our beloved Tango ; how can we make it nicer, better, even more hot?

One phenomenon still annoys us : the wallflower. She is the cute tanguera, how eager and lovely she is, she hardly dances or worse, not at all.

She is caught in a difficult position, because Buenos Aires doesn’t allow her to invite straightforward a leader. And if finally a gentleman appears and ‘sacrifices’ himself and invites her, it is again the question when will she draw another winning ticket?
We have no time to lose to find a solution : preferably elegant, discrete, casual, free and above all human.


You can address them for a dance, a tanda, no cabeceo / mirada needed. The chance to be denied is nihil. How fancy is that? You can recognise them on the red string around their wrist.
Let us honour these ‘fantastic ones’ who are committed selflessly to this cause.

Also intended in case :
* you usually have your thrills and jollies but didn’t succeed yet in matching with this particular one.
* they play your most favourite song and you couldn’t attract a leader.

Tango Beach Festival 2019
Theme : Making Friends!
29th ,30th ,31th of August, 1st September
Kurhaus – The Hague Netherlands