#sunseatango @TANGO BEACH VILLAGE 2019 – Scheveningen Beach
-meet friends you otherwise would never meet.

To all devoted Instagrammers and newbies in the scene, to all photographer-tangolovers most welcome to explore our events.
We offer you a real-life connection with tango dancers. Of course we want you to take photos, snap moments, catch that particular emotional split second, immortalise an incredible beautiful pivot, a slow motion dance movement against the backdrop of the sea, or maybe you are interested in capturing one or a group of couples tangoing in one of our flashmobs, … For us an opportunity to share our tango story, for you a new challenge, a new place to discover, different light intensities to cope with, movements alternated with posing tangueros.

We will organise 3 instameet moments :
1. In the Neo Tango Beach Festival & World Neo Dance Championships 2019
2. In the midweek Sunseatango lifestyle 2019
3. In the Tango Beach Marathon The Hague & World Pista Contest 2019

More info will follow. Be prepared.