Host male dancer

Good tidings : WTS is setting a new trend!

Host male dancers -tango gentlemen

Lately we experienced that at favoured and well-liked tango events, male tango dancers are often outnumbered. As a consequence a lot of ‘single’ female attendees are hardly invited for a tanda. For these ladies the milonga didn’t bring what they hoped for : a pleasant time of tango. To meet this shortage of men, we take action. With our next event, we will launch a team of host male dancers. These leaders wil take the responsibility to dance with followers who are barely asked. These gentlemen will keep an eye on the so-called wallflowers. Once these ‘unescorted’ ladies enjoyed a tanda, there chances to receive a cabaceo will increase. As they had the opportunity to show their dancing skills and leaders could observe them, these women are embarked. As a signature of WTS, these host male dancers are not be paid for by the ’single’ women. Their assistance is included in the entrance fee.