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On Sunday march 1st we will assemble at 10:30 AM in front of the Kurhaus hotel. We first will explain where, what and how we will execute the performance. Also that people who join on their own, can be matched with each other. Everyone can participate. The more the merrier.

As this is a winter edition and we want to make it fun, please wear winter clothing like gloves, thick scarves, beanies, caps, boots, … Otherwise dress like if you are a day out at the seaside in wintertime. Everything needs to look natural.

It is an absolute must for those who want to take part in a fun tango act. Idea is to gather suddenly in a public space, we perform for a short time and then we disperse again.

Hasta entonces
More information will follow soon!

Flash mob
Place of happening: Kurhaus
Date: Sunday March the 1st
Time: 11.00 – 11.10 AM
Try to be there 1 hour earlier to be more informed, to meet others, to warm up, to have fun and tango!

The very first flashmob, Kurhaus!

Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podesta – Nada
Aiva – he said
Charlo – sin lagrimas
Yasmin levy – una noche mas
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