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Trust (in) your dance partner.

Trust (in) your dance partner.

Trust (in) your dance partner.

In my personal experience to dance tango well, better, more refined or even heavenly you need – among other things – to receive and give the feeling of trust to your dance partner. In tango you (can) dance close, you step in each others comfort zone, that takes trust. Allowing somebody close implies that he/she will not take advantage of it. It is a mental state, an attitude, a stance, …

…. in which dancers grow into? A kind of frame some dancers will never or hardly experience? Are we selective (conscious or unconscious) with who we share this trust? Or do we first need to earn each others trust? It is a fragile thing in which you can not go halfway. Either the ‘commitment’ is completely present or absent. Is trust – aka showing your vulnerability – the most fundamental foundation where upon we TRUELY ’dance’? To be clear, I am not talking about doing steps on the floor.

Maybe, giving and receiving trust, is our last line of defense before we fully surrender to our dancing?

What’s your opinion?

I often wondered if this is the ignition of the famous connection everybody is talking about.

Fire away your statements, thoughts, perspectives. Quite curious about this topic!

K. Daenen

Written by

Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podesta – Nada
Aiva – he said
Charlo – sin lagrimas
Yasmin levy – una noche mas
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