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Argentine tango music is much more varied than ballroom tango music. A large amount of tango music has been composed by a variety of different orchestras over the last century. Not only is there a large volume of music, there is a breadth of stylistic differences between these orchestras as well, which makes it easier for Argentine tango dancers to spend the whole night dancing only Argentine tango. The four representative schools of the Argentine tango music are Di Sarli, d’Arienzo, Troilo and Pugliese, all four descendent from Italian immigrant families. They are dance orchestras, playing music for dancing. When the spirit of the music is characterized by counterpoint marking, clarity in the articulation is needed. It has a clear, repetitive pulse or beat, a strong tango-rhythm which is based on the 2×4,[4] 2 strong beats on 4 (dos por cuatro). Ástor Piazzolla stretched the classical harmony and counterpoint and moved the tango from the dance floor to the concert stage. His compositions tell us something of our contemporary life and dancing it relates much to modern dance.[5]

While Argentine tango dancing has historically been danced to tango music, such as that produced by such orchestra leaders as Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos di Sarli, Juan d’Arienzo, in the ’90s a younger generation of tango dancers began dancing tango steps to alternatives to tango music; music from other genres like, “world music”, “electro-tango”, “experimental rock”, “trip hop”, and “blues”, to name a few. Tango nuevo dance is often associated with alternative music, see nuevo tango, but it can be danced to tango as well.

List of tango bandleaders during the Golden Age of tango:

Adolfo Carabelli
Alberto Di Paulo
Alfredo De Angelis
Alfredo Gobbi
Angel D’Agostino
Aníbal Troilo
Armando Cupo
Carlos di Sarli
Ciriaco Ortiz
Juan Maglio Pacho
Domingo Federico
Donato Racciatti
Edgardo Donato
Enrique Mario Francini
Enrique Rodriguez
Florindo Sassone
Francisco Canaro
Francisco Lomuto
Francisco Rotundo
Héctor Varela
Horacio Salgán
José Basso
Jose Garcia Y Sus Zorros Grices
Juan Cambareri
Juan d’Arienzo
Juan de Dios Filiberto
Juan Polito
Julio de Caro
Lucio Demare
Manuel Buzón
Miguel Caló
Miguel Villasboas
Osmar Maderna
Osvaldo Fresedo
Osvaldo Pugliese
Pedro Laurenz
Pedro Maffia
Ricardo Malerba
Ricardo Tanturi
Roberto Firpo
Rodolfo Biagi

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