No more wallflowers


– No more wallflowers; the official world introduction of Tanda de Las Mujeres aka Tanda Rosa in milongas for Argentine Tango. Its time for change!

For once, why would we not reverse roles in the cabeceo game? You – as a leader – wait and if you are lucky, I invite you.
No worries! The tradition where the man invites and the lady accepts (or not) will stand for the whole evening except for this one tanda.
To avoid that quite a few followers aren’t fortunate enough to receive a dance invitation, and by consequence endure like hardship-time on a milonga, we start a new tradition today.

It is time for change
We ask the support of organisers and DJs to introduce Tanda de las mujeres. With this global movement we want to inspire all the traditional salons.

How does it work?
A specific, recognisable cortina indicates that it is time for the Tanda de Las Mujeres. Leaders are not allowed to invite. We do, followers! Leaders can not refuse either. Just like any other tanda, it consists of 4 songs. And to be clear : the men lead, ladies follow.

No more wallflowers, no more shrinking violets! Every tanguera deserves a spot in the limelight.

Let the magic begin…

Kristine Daenen
Trendwatcher World Tango Society

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