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How to practice your pivots

How to practice your pivots

The last few days I constantly mentioned Salida Americana, one of the most important movements in Argentinian tango. Almost all hip movements are opened with the Salida Americana! Today the Pivot!
Is actually just a twist, but that does not fit in our jargon. Had to cope with the necessary twist, which is more important to distinguish us from ordinary types of dance that use the term twist. So we speak of the Pivot! The pivot is standard with leaders and followers. The ladies pivot on the Ochos and the men turn into an accident with enrosques. Enro..what ?! Enrosques! Well, have fun with the Argentine tango twist, the pivot! Come on, lets pivot again! Like we did last summer .. Come on ..

Geplaatst door Nossa vitrola op Maandag 15 april 2019

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Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podesta – Nada
Aiva – he said
Charlo – sin lagrimas
Yasmin levy – una noche mas
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