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The divine autodidact really exists!

The divine autodidact really exists!

Without dancing lessons, is it possible to dance divinely, to enter a stage for a dazzling performance or even to become a dance teacher?

Generally the reasoning is:
the longer you dance tango, the more dance classes and the more teachers you have worn out, the higher the prestige. An autodidact that has been in tango for less than 10 years is completely worthless in this regard. It is understandable that we would rather keep it a secret.

But did you know that most divine, especially older, milongueros in Buenos Aires have never followed a dance course? It is precisely those dancers that we are so lyrical about.
All autodidacts where many thousands and thousands from Europe fly over to be allowed to participate in a tanda, to get rid of or to get a lesson from. Just to think about it.

That divine autodidact really exists!
But why not just in Europe or Asia? What makes us so inferior that we could not have it or have it in us.

And now that last step further. Why not be able to teach if you are a divine self-taught dancer who inspires many. Of which many would like to have dance lessons because they also want to dance like that?

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Carlos Di Sarli / Alberto Podesta – Nada
Aiva – he said
Charlo – sin lagrimas
Yasmin levy – una noche mas
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